Here are all the details about the Bokeh Masters 2015

Phase one has been an open online poll, running from March 1st 2015 until May 3rd, 2015. We asked participants which lens in their opinion displays the most beautiful bokeh. The poll result is to be found under "poll result" via navigation.

Phase two happened during the Photo+Adventure fair (June 13th/14th 2015). Our team installed a scenario ideally suited for the evaluation of bokeh. For two days, every visitor to the fair was able to bring his or her favorite bokeh lens and test drive it for comparison on our scenario.

The pictures were uploaded to the net with randomized generic file names and EXIF data removed, so this wouldn't allow clues to the lens used. Up to September 20th, 2015 everybody was able to evaluate the images in a head to head knockout contest, where only the bokeh quality and nothing else mattered. Every voter has received his personal ranking list and a download link to all images contained in the contest.

For the grand final on September 29th, 2015, the grand total of votes from this anonymized voting run was summed up, so the real world results can be compared with the starting poll.

In order to enable everybody who missed the voting run to cross check the results according to their own taste, here is another chance.